What my baby taught me at six months

I don’t know how else I can write about this. Except through a list that I want perfectly done it took me another month to finish it. I originally wrote this on my son’s 6th month (of living) but am publishing this on his seventh. Quite a feat huh?

When I first had him, I was clueless about the future. I literally had no idea. (Well, I did. I imagined the life of Duchess of Cambridge but got nowhere near it.)

I had to leave my job. I had to stay at home. I had to work while I stay at home and raise him.

That said, my everyday life became an adventure. My husband’s 7 day leave was over. My brother-in-law had to go back to Olongapo for school. I was to be left alone in the house and raise our son.

Frankly, I didn’t know how to take care of a baby. I had zero experience even in holding an infant. I don’t have siblings so I don’t know how a child is supposed to grow bigger. Whenever I held my baby, I always had the fear I could break his bone somewhere.

I didn’t know how to clean his ears.

I had no idea how to snap a stay-dry diaper.

So in the six months of raising my son (and exclusively breastfeeding him on demand),  he has taught me things. Things I didn’t expect to learn from an innocent creature that came out of me that Sunday dawn.

This list is a work-in-progress one. There’s always a chance I can add to this everyday.

Here we go:

  1. Sleep is a state of mind. Scientists should re-study this. It’s always been said that being a new parent is saying goodbye to sleeping on time if there’s a time to sleep at all. I learned that sleeping is all but a state of mind and that one might be sleeping without knowing it.
  2. A day is not equivalent to 24 hours. It’s a myth. Grr.
  3. Guinness should consider a ‘World’s quickest shower’ award in its categories. Seriously.
  4. Multi-tasking. Washing clothes while rocking the baby to mid-sleep with the kettle whistling to your neighbor’s joy is a feat.
  5. A cry is a song. It is. It’s beautiful. It lingers on your ears for eons to come.
  6. A sock is very, very interesting. And here I am, desiring the latest North Face backpack.
  7. Google is the new age kumare (lady friend). But I learned that the Holy Spirit is still the best teacher.
  8. Your nipple is better than any plastic out there. True.
  9. Play gyms have expiry dates. The date is actually invisible, but hey, it’s there.
  10. Cloth diapers are only cute on the outside. My burned fingers from my daily laundry attest to this.

I’ve also learned the value of time. That’s a fact. I am a work-from-home-mom. I cater to clients. I work for people who also demand my time. Whenever I am in front of my computer, I am back in the corporate world. I am disciple on restitution. I am a wife who has a home to clean.

But when that buzz of a cry is heard inside the room, everything else stops. Like my clock is on ‘freeze’ mode and everything just has to wait.

And everything is all about me and my son (and God).


I always say “Thank You, Lord,” because I always have the reason to do it. That’s the beauty of it. In this new life together, my son has taught something I always often forget.

He has taught me to become grateful.


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