New Game

SO OK I learned a new game with my son. It’s called I will shut up and let you work but I will drop my toys every 10 seconds game.

It’s fun if you want to work (or in this case, blog about something finally.) But the getting up from my seat to pick up every single thing my son drops is… Fun. It’s actually a good exercise. Come to think of it, I can actually lose pounds by picking up his rolling toy under the table, the fridge, the next room or in another alternate universe where all toys disappear to.

Since I am not wearing contacts or a pair of glasses (long story, don’t ask) I found myself picking up things other than my son’s toys. Things I never thought were there on the floor since I lost my contacts.

And he keeps on winning. I can’t find the other toys anymore. I eventually ended up letting him play with his bottle cap. (I can’t lose a bottle for this game.)


So this I’ll shut up game is fun because I got at least 5 minutes free writing this stuff. And the sound of his toy dropping is music to the ear.

OK got to go now. He’s speeding things up and dropping things every 5 seconds.


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